Will The Evil Within Bring Back Classic Horror?

Good news Gamers The Evil Within is shaping up to revive classic horror what Resident Evil ounce was. Since Shinji Mikamis depature from Capcom it seems as though that they did not know what to do with the Resident Evil series. In the beginning Resident Evil was so innovative and scary that some could not play it because of how well it scared the pants off of games me being one of them "laughs." Resident Evil started to evolve throughout the years with the various iterations like how in R.E 3 Nemesis the player can choose to run away from Nemesis of fight him head on in the gruesome world of R.E. After the third Itteration of R.E part 4 was shown and boy did it looks amazing with a new third person perspective and all of the tank controls vanished along with fresh cinematics staring Leon S. Kennedy ahhh yes Resident Evil had it all. It's scary though how so good R.E 4 was after the fact but originally R.E 4 could have turned out to became a different type  of game entirely. At first R.E 4 was going to have a paranormal element to it with a dark twist going on in Leons arm and mental state hmm it makes me wonder of what R.E 4 could have been but I may talk more onto this matter in a later time. Fast foward to onward to April 2012, project Zewi was announced with a brief description on how this is going to bring back survival horror with Shinji Mikami at it's helm ohhh how my excitement ensued. When about a year went by we finally get an official name, some screenshots, as well as that awesome trailer and I have to say "oh my" The Evil Within seems to top Resident Evil 10 fold with its eerily disturbing characters and I thought Nemesis looked bad, yeesh. There's about three more months to go before I can get my hands on Shinji Mikamis Masterpiece but judging from the gameplay videos I'm really liking it. Now I know that you can't really judge a game just by looking at it alone I realize this and Evil Within may become a complete flop but I have complete faith in this. Classic horror will return once again folks I guarantee this just keep a look out for The Evil Within on the PS4, Xbox One, as well last gen consoles on October 14, 2014. Remember to reserve your ammo, save up on health, and stay cautious folks.